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Megan Stewart - Secretary 07496 446099
Captain - John Stewart.

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Following the Covid epidemic many teams have lost players for many reasons and so with this in mind The Bloodhounds are merging with The Oddballs. The history of this team will remain online and will reflect in changes to The Oddballs pages as well.
A History of The Bloodhounds 

The team was formed in 1947 by friends working for the then Bristol Aeroplane Company in Maesycoed Road making the Bloodhound missile. 
The team played out of several pubs in north Cardiff including the New Inn and the Masons before settling into the Fox and Hounds for many years.  
As we know, the brewery decided to demolish the alley, so there followed a decade or more of wandering to find a new home, playing out of the Birchgrove,  
Lakelands Club, Whitchurch Rugby Club, Wolf's Castle and finally the Maltsters. 
Sadly several older members are no longer with us but we still have a strong sense of our history.  
The team has had varying success in the 4th to 6th divisions of the old league but there is a good team spirit with players having travelled far and wide to make sure of a game -  
from Newport and Brecon as well as Minehead, Birmingham and even Edinburgh. Individually we have been more successful with Keith and Henry both winning the Individual Championship,  
John Davies being runner up and three others making it through to the final seven. Henry also won the Veterans championship in 2010. 
We are looking forward to this new challenge, to see some old and new faces and to play on some alleys that we have not played on for years.
The Maltsters,
75, Merthyr Road, 
Cardiff, CF14 1DD.
Mina Kelly receives the Alan Abbott Cup from captain John Stewart for winning the averages this year, the first woman to do so in our 72 years of playing.