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Please note Wales are playing Ireland in Rugby at home on Friday night March 10th and Wales are playing Ireland in football away on March 24th so if anybody thinking of calling off any of their games please play earlier than the scheduled date and please don't cancel at the last minute you have ample time to re-arrange games before not after the date.

Whitchurch RFC
Church Inn
The week
The last cup match of the round was played and what a game it was. The North Boys lost yet again by just 3 pins to Dublin All Stars. Again the vintage campaigner Ray Glastonbury was yet again top scorer for them with 29 but it was last man Laurence Weekley who had to hit the wining pins in his comeback game after a lengthy spell out due to ill health. Lets hope 2017 sees your recovery continue Laurence.
 The Modernaires had a narrow 4 pin win against The  Mag Twelve thanks to 31 apiece from Bryn Rees and Mike Parminter with Derek Orum having  30 for the losers. E.C. Allstars put up a brave fight before going down by 3 pins to The Rascals with Jack Evans hitting 28 and Phil Trott 30 for the losers with Gwyn Llewellyn 30 and Aaron Denning Jnr 28 replying for the rampant Rascals side.
The Plough Cubs came unstuck at home  losing by 21 pins to The Aces. Heath Hornets joined The Rascals at the top of the table after  beating Dublin All Stars thanks to 33 again from Chris Carless.
The North Boys luck changed as they narrowly beat The Five Nines with Dean Hurley again top scoring for them with 31 supported by Brian Norris with 27.
 The Woodies beat Pineapple Doughnuts away while Maltsters Wanderers beat The Robbers by 11 pins with Peter Hicks hitting 32 for the losers.
The Black & Ambers picked up the points against The Bloodhounds with Bruce Edwards top scoring with 29  
while Henry Dyer 30 and John Stewart 29 tried in vain for the losers.  

The Likely Lads v Heath Hornets 
 The Modernaires v Maltsters Wanderers 
The Woodies v Plough Cubs 
Pineapple Doughnuts v Dublin All Stars

One Fixture.
Cup news
  Rule Changes   
Rule 9
This has been amended to, "All teams must make certain that two members attend the individuals."
Individual Tournament 
Team P W D L Pts 
Heath Hornets          20 17 0 3 34 
The Rascals             20 17 0 3 34 
Plough Cubs             20 16 0 4 32 
Black & Ambers        19 14 0 5 28 
Maltsters Wanderers 20 13 2 5 28 
Dublin All Stars          20 12 0 8 24 
The Mag Twelve       19 11 1 7 23 
The Woodies             18 11 0 7 22 
E.C Allstars                20 9 1 10 19 
The Likely Lads         19 9 1   9 19 
Pineapple D'nuts        20 9 1 10 19 
The Aces                    20 7 2 11 16 
The Modernaires       20 6 0 14 12 
The Five Nines          19 5 0 14 10 
The Oddballs             18 5 0 13 10 
The Robbers              20 4 0 16  8 
The Bloodhounds       20 3 0 17  6 
The North Boys          18 3 0 15  6 

In Other News

Please note................ The Woodies now play at The Croft, Croft Street, CF24 3DZ and The Oddballs have moved to The Retreat, Maelfa, Llanederyn, CF23 9PL.

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