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Whitchurch RFC
Church Inn
The week
Well so much for predictions the first result in put paid to my full house with underdogs  
The Aces coming up trumps against The Mag Twelve to knock them off top spot and it  
was the Brinning family again who top scored for The Aces with 30 each for John and Keri  
with Liam Clements also hitting 30 while veteran Gerry Thomas had a rare 32 for the shell  
shocked Mag Twelve. The Plough Cubs are now in top spot after their low scoring win  
against The Woodies. The Oddballs picked up two useful points with Alan Pitman 30 top  
scoring for them against The Robbers who remain winless despite 30 from Gerry O'Dowd.  
Heath Hornets had a narrow away win at E.C. Allstars with Brian Foley hitting 29 for the  
winners. The North Boys picked up their first win of the season in beating The Bloodhounds  
who had John Stewart 31 top scoring for them. A 33 from Vic George wasn't enough to save  
The Five Nines from losing to The Rascals who had Andrew Denning top scoring with 32.  
The Pineapple Doughnuts have now recovered their form as they beat The Likely Lads.  
Dave Smith 33, Jason Brown 31 and Paul Green with 30 top scored for them with Jason  
Brookes hitting 31 to no avail for the losers. Dublin All Stars are certainly on a roll picking  
up their third win in a row in beating The Modernaires. I have saved the best till last with  
The Black & Ambers breaking the alley record at Llandaff North Sports & Social Club with  
a 338 roll. Maltsters Wanderers previously unbeaten tied the first two rolls 0f 69 and  
60 but what happened next was incredible with splashes everywhere as The B & A  
strolled home with Ken Lewis and Paul Sweetman hitting 28 apiece, Billy Yaxley 29,  
Dave Harries and Andrew Church 30 each, Roy Davies and Glyn Tucker 31 each and  
Lyn Gould 33 completing the drubbing. Brian Sage hit a consolation 33 for The Wanderers.


One Fixture.
Result................. Plough Cubs 236 v 216 E.C. All Stars

To play...............  Mag12 v Black & Ambers
Cup news
  Rule Changes   
Rule 9
This has been amended to, "All teams must make certain that two members attend the individuals."
Individual Tournament 
Team                          P W D L Pts  
The Plough Cubs        9 8 0 1 16  
Heath Hornets             9 7 0 2 14  
The Mag Twelve         9 7 0 2 14  
Maltsters Wanderers   8 6 1 1 13  
Black & Ambers           8 6 0 2 12  
The Rascals                9 6 0 3 12  
Dublin All Stars            9 5 0 4 10  
Pineapple Doughnuts  9 5 0 4 10  
E.C. Allstars                 9 4 1 5 9  
The Five Nines            9 4 0 5 8  
The Woodies               9 4 0 5 8  
The Aces                     9 3 0 6 6  
The Likely Lads           9 3 0 6 6  
The Modernaires         8 3 0 5 6  
The Bloodhounds        9 2 0 7 4  
The Oddballs               8 2 0 6 4  
The North Boys           7 1 0 6 2  
The Robbers               7 0 0 7 0
In Other News

Please note................ The Woodies now play at The Crofts, Croft Street, CF24 3DZ and The Oddballs have moved to The Retreat, Maelfa, Llanederyn, CF23 9PL.

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