The future of the North Boys is in real danger of ending very soon. At present myself, Janos, Jeff Lewis, one car full with Tony and another with Lewis are all we have. That is a total of 10, enough to see out this season but not any further when 12 will be needed. I have tried to contact Brian Norris without success on both his landline and mobile. I know his partner has severe medical issues and so I doubt he will be around for a while. I spoke with Alan Bowring about this and he thinks that contact with Brian might be difficult, so guess we have to count him out at this stage.
I asked Alan about his situation and he confirmed that he would not be back this season and his view was the same would apply to Aeron Sedgemore, though I will try to contact him and Brian Simmonds, after you have all seen this page.
On a personal note, the last few months have been a nightmare trying to organise the alley, who is going to play, ongoing work with the league committee, trying to find a sticker-up etc. etc. so I am rather fed up with the situation.

However, I do not want to see the end of the North Boys but we need players. Two more just to make a team, with another two at least, as subs. In short, another car load would solve the problem. What is clear though is that without the return of other registered players and/or new ones, the team will be no more before our next scheduled game on 11th of February. Thoughts/suggestions are needed now because I will have to cancel everything early next week............. 07775 798566 same number for WhatsApp and