The Pineapple  

The Pineapple

Station Road,  

The Team

N. Booker

J. DeBono

N. Green

A. Huntley

P. Jones

S. Jones

G. MacDonald

P. Robbins

D. Smith

G. Smith

M. Stephens

M. Synan

B. Williams

R. Ford

R. Ings


Llandaff North,
Cardiff, CF

Secretary, Nick Booker

Tel. 07722 783149


Captain, Nick Green

Tel. 07875 623424


The birth of the Doughnuts took place in the Mitre Hotel, Llandaff City in the summer of 1980.

A group of friends which included brothers from three different families, the Bishops, Daleys, and Huntleys, along with the legendary Gordon Blakey forming the backbone of the side.

The Doughnuts played at the Mitre until it closed in the mid 80's, they then moved the short distance to the Heathcock for an even shorter stay as they were soon lured to the Pineapple with the promise of "Free Food" by the then landlord Jeff Ellerman where they have stayed to this day.

Only one of the original members remains Tony Huntley and you can find him along with the other Doughnuts at home on a Friday night starting the weekend with Fine Ale furnished by the present landlord Alan Nesbit.