The Halfway Hotel,  

The Halfway

247, Cathedral Road,  

The Team

B. Farrant

B. Maskill

N. Rees

B. Renshaw

L. Renshaw

K. Renshaw

M. Cook

J. Cook

J. Gerrard

J. Pain

P. Delve

R. Davies

B. Winspear

C. Lock


K. Ham

J. Brooks

A. Lovell

Cardiff, CF11 9PP

Secretary, Bernard Farrant

Tel. 07800 589261


Captain, B. Farrant

Tel. 07800 589261

A Few Words about....

....The Likely Lads who were formed in 1962 from a group of lads who all played for the newly formed Cardiff Freebooters F.C. Two of the original side Bernard Farrant and his brother Brian Renshaw still play as well as a few who joined a little later, Peter Delve being one of them, after Tony Molan passed away in the summer of 2014. The Likely Lads enjoyed their time in the old league and look forward to even more in Skittles Cardiff. Many tales can be told of the old set up and no doubt more will follow